Professional South-West Tree Services

It's important to keep your trees trimmed for their health, appearance and the safety of your property.

Parks Chainsaw and Tree Services provide a quality service to not only Bridgetown but the entire South-West area.

Our team prioritises maintaining tree health rather than removal where possible. Shaping, lifting, thinning and crown reduction, are just some of the services we provide to increase greater longevity and appearance of your trees. With this as our focus we can provide customers with safe, and aesthetically pleasing assets of their home.

We specialise in confined space arboriculture, with an emphasis on close proximity tree climbing, rigging and felling. So if you have trees that are too close to powerlines, your house or dead compromised branches that need removal to prevent damage, call us today.

Tree assessments and consultancy, milling and slabbing, deadwood removal and pruning…Parks Chainsaw and Tree Services offer a range of services to improve your garden and home's appeal.

We can remove debris and perform a full site clean-up, so you aren't left with unnecessary fuel loads or waste…or we have options including: use of materials for firewood, or chainsaw milling. In conjunction with local contractors we offer full cartage options and stump grinding services also.

Tree Felling
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Tree removal is a decision that isn’t to be taken lightly…trees provide so much.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a decision that isn’t to be taken lightly. Trees provide so much, why remove one if it isn’t absolutely necessary?

When evaluating your trees, we’ll look at a variety of factors, including:

The overall goal of our tree removal services is to help keep your trees healthy, and keep your property safe. Our tree removal services are performed safely by experienced and certified operators.

Remember that while we do offer tree removal services as an option, we’ll also talk about alternative treatments like regular trimming.

Tree Lopping
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Improper tree lopping can have negative effects on both the health and appearance of your trees.

Tree Lopping

If not performed correctly, the damage done to your tree can last for years and can even shorten the life of an otherwise healthy tree.

Our tree team is trained to understand how each cut affects a tree.

We believe in a minimalist approach to tree trimming that emphasises reduced risk, health, and appearance of the tree. We will only recommend trimming trees that will benefit from it.

Our professional tree trimming service helps you avoid the headache, hassle, and danger of working on trees yourself. Thanks to our years of experience and extensive 5-star reviews, you’ll know you and your trees are in good hands.

With our help, your investment in your trees will create trees that are:

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Tree trimming/pruning helps maintain the health and beauty of your trees. All cleanup and hauling of wood can be included.

Tree Pruning

Tree trimming/pruning helps maintain health, beauty and production of your trees. Unlike lopping it guides the tree instead of stifling the growth.

Stump Removal/Cartage
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Don't leave a tree stump in your yard, it can attract pests including white ants.

Stump Removal/Cartage

At Parks Chainsaw and Tree Services we use local third party contractors for our high volume cartage requirements and for any stump grinding

Stumps can present problems:

Our team uses Local contractor Michael Woodall (Allwood Stump Grinding) for all stump removals. We are happy to organise or alternatively grinding can be a separate service.


Whether the scope of works is large or small Parks Chainsaw and Tree Services can assist with your cartage needs.

Full site cleanups, heavy machinery options or just small debris removal, we are happy to accommodate and suit your requirements.

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Our reporting process begins with a thorough on-site inspection and assessment of the trees on your property.

Tree Assessment Consultancy

Our reporting process begins with a thorough on-site inspection and assessment of the trees on your property.

Your report will focus on:

Formal consultancy or just looking for some direction? Our team, as part of the process, will explain what's needed to get the job done.

Milling Slabs
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We Mill Slabs! Why not utilise valuable timber and minimise waste.

Milling Slabs

Wood is another bi-product of the work we do.

Parks Chainsaw and Tree Services is aware of minimising waste and recycling timber materials.

Utilising timber is our passion and by offering Chainsaw Milling as a service, our customers are left with valuable products too.

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